History of St. Paul’s Parish and School
St. Ann, grandmother of or Lord, can surely be known, in San Antonio at least, as the grand-
mother of parishes.  Her two Daughter parishes, St. Mary Magdelene and St. Paul, have
each In turn begotten a parish.  And, tracing the beginnings of St. Paul’s Parish, it would
seem that St. Ann was pleading our cause, for many and varied were the obstacles
encountered when the first efforts toward expansion were made.

It all began 1946 with the almost hopeless dream of a group of parishioners in the
northwest section of St. Ann’s Parish - the dream of having a chapel and school annex on
land at St. Cloud Road and Sutton Drive, property purchased by the archdiocese in 1946.  
purchase of ten acres of property on Callaghan Road near Loop 410 as a site for a new parish.  Thus it was again the task of Msgr. Leopold,
with the support of his parishioners, to draft plans for another school and chapel.

This mission of St. Paul’s was dedicated on March 1, 1959, and was named St. Luke, co-laborer of St. Paul and was to be served by the
priests and sisters of St. Paul’s.   When St. Luke’s was itself made as a parish on September 15, 1959, St. Paul’s was able to make plans
for its dream of a new church, which would then free the original structure to serve the purpose for which it was originally intended, that of a
gym and parish hall.  Ground was broken in October 1962 for an air conditioned church, seating 750, and a rectory which would serve four
priests, and include offices and meeting rooms.  St. Paul’s new church was then completed and dedicated March 8, 1964. …….(This page
is currently undergoing construction and will be posting more of our Parish History soon.)
At that time there was a shortage of basic building materials following the Korean
War, and, more important, there was a shortage in the diocese of priests and
teaching nuns.  But Monsignor A.A. Leopold, pastor of St. Ann’s at the time,
supported the efforts of the area parishioners, and in 1952 Archbishop Robert E.
Lucey, gave permission for the erection of a chapel and an 8-room classroom
building.  A Building Committee was then formed and at almost the same time we
had the good fortune of receiving the promise of the Brigidine Sisters in Ireland to
staff our school, so plans for their convent were included in the project.  

Ground for the convent was broken on February 4, 1953, and the building was
completed the following August.  The original chapel (presently the school's gym)
was the next building to be completed, and had seating capacity of 520.  The first
mass was said  at midnight on Christmas Eve 1953.  This was still a mission of
St. Ann’s church and was served by Msgr. Leopold and his assistants.
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Because the school building was not ready for use in September, the Brigidine
Sisters taught our students in temporary classrooms at St. Ann’s Gym.  Our first
classes for 260 pupils, were held in the new school on February 15, 1954.  
Dedication of the new church and school was held on February 21, 1954 and the
mission was given the name St. Paul.  

St. Paul’s became a parish on September 15, 1955 and Msgr Leopold was
named pastor, a fitting tribute to his monumental work toward establishing the
parish.  Father Hubert L. Bauman was named assistant pastor.

Growth of the parish and school was so rapid during the following two years that
it was necessary to convert a music room into a classroom as well as other
additions.  Because of this rapid growth the Archbishop soon ordered the
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