ACTS is a retreat movement that blessed the St. Paul parish in
1995 and has been a parish building block that continues to
bear fruit with each passing retreat.  This retreat experience
helps everyone ignite or reconnect their personal relationship
with Christ and encourages retreatants to get involved with their

In order to keep this movement growing it couldn’t be done
without an ACTS CORE. Core being a 12 member group of
passionate retreatants who volunteer their time and talents to
keep the community connected with one another and continue
to evangelize the gospels message of Adoration, Community,
Theology, and Service.
St. Paul ACTS Core Team
Jose ‘Bumper’ Gomez

Brenda Martinez

Financial Coordinator:
Irma Alvarado

Communications Coordinator:
Sylvia Estrada

Retreat Supply Coordinators:
Jerry Hernandez
Laura Gonzales

Women’s Retreat Coordinator:
Laura Gonzales

Men’s Retreat Coordinator:
Sean Salas

Spiritual Coordinator:
Lisa Hinojosa

Social Coordinator:
Victor Rosales

Music Coordinators:
Brenda Martinez / Sylvia Estrada
ACTS Contact
St. Paul Catholic Church
Attn: ACTS Facilitator
350 Sutton Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78228

Jose ‘Bumper’ Gomez


Women's ACTS Retreat
2017 Women ACTS Retreat is scheduled for the Fall of 2017.  
More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Men's ACTS: Spring 2017
May 11th - 14th at Cordi Marian Retreat Center.
Contact Retreat Directors for more information
Xavier Mendiola (210)693-2974, Richard Cortinas (210)544-3639, Robert Durate (210)550-9398
Registration Form:
2017 St. Paul Men's ACTS Registration Form

Office of Youth Ministry: Teen ACTS Retreat
Our next Teen ACTS Retreat will be August 10-14, 2017 at Deer Creek in Medina, TX.
Registration will begin in May for teens in our Life Teen Program or graduates of our school.
Contact Lisa Delgado, Parish Youth Director (210)844-2041
for more information or email:
To learn more about The ACTS Movement please visit
A deeper look into the ACTS Movement
My Christian Garage
Jesus Ramirez
Journey to the Cross
St. Paul Teen ACTS
Youth Director: Lisa Delgado   
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Have you attended an ACTS retreat before?
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If yes, are you interested in serving on team?
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