"Like all living things, a living faith needs nourishment,
which one only finds above all in union with Christ - the
way and the truth and the life."
(Jn 14:6)
Elementary & Middle School Religious Education
St. Paul Parish religious education programs for  Preschool (3 & 4 yr olds) through 8th grade are held at 10:00am with 11:30am
Mass to follow.

Preschool Faith Formation
Offers families with children age 3 (by Sept. 1st) through 5 (not in Kinder) a classroom environment to learn about their Catholic faith.
Children will gather in age level groups on scheduled Sundays.  The material used is from FaithFirst/RCL Benziger entitled: Stories of God’s

Elementary Faith Formation
Offers families with children in grades Kinder through 5th a classroom environment to learn about their Catholic faith.  Children will gather in
grade level groups for  a 75 minute session on the scheduled Sundays.  Elementary sessions are scheduled to allow families to attend Mass
together.  It is important for our children to become active, conscious participants in the Sunday Liturgy.
Faith Formation does not take the
place of Sunday Liturgy, all children/youth should be attending Mass either before or after class.

Participation in our RE Programs allows children to begin the initial preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation & First Eucharist.
Preparation for each of these sacraments is a 2-year process and it is during the 2nd year (usually 2nd grade) that the child begins the
specific Sacrament training and celebrates the sacrament.  

The following are requirements for First Eucharist:
  •   Child must be baptized- a copy of their baptismal certificate must be presented at time of registration.
  •   Has celebrated First Reconciliation and have completed at least 1 year of initial Faith Formation and are currently attending
 our parish RE sessions.

Middle school (6th - 8th grades) Faith Formation
Offers families with young people a positive and safe atmosphere where  they become more aware of God’s love for them through
instructions, faith sharing, and in discovering  their gifts through service. This group also uses FaithFirst: “FaithFirst lessons are built upon
the three foundations: the word of God clearly expressed, worship and prayer, and the call to service for the reign of God.”  

As catechists, we are here to assist you with your children’s faith formation and hope for the privilege of partnering with you in your  journey
with the holy Trinity.  And, would like to reiterate these statements found in the NDC:  (C. Parents and Families, pg 234)
“Parents are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children. They have a unique responsibility for the education of their children;
they are the first educators, or catechists. They catechize primarily by the witness of their Christian lives and by their love for the faith. One
way that parents communicate Christian values and attitudes to their children is by loving each other within the context of a Christian
marriage and their love for Christ and his Church. Their participation in the life of the parish—–above all in the Sunday Eucharist—their
willingness to evangelize and serve others, and their dedication to daily prayer demonstrate the authenticity of their profession of faith.
The catechesis given by parents with the family “precedes, accompanies and enriches all other forms of catechesis.’ When children are
baptized, parents accept the responsibility to bring up their children in the practice of the faith and to see to it that the divine life that God
gives them is kept safe from the poison of sin, to grow always stronger in their hearts.”
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All teens in 9th grade - 12th grade are invited and encouraged to join LIFE TEEN.  Life Teen is a youth group centered around the Eucharist  
leading teens into a closer relationship with Christ.  It is challenging for teens to make the right decisions as a young Catholic in the world
today.  Life Teen helps teens learn how to live their Catholic faith at school, online, and with their family.  We talk about real life issues that
teens face today.

Life Teen meets on Sundays from the 2nd Sunday in September through mid May. Teens meet from 3:45p.m.-5:15p.m. in the school
cafeteria, followed with Mass at 5:30p.m. All teens in 9th-12th grade are encouraged to sign up and get involved. The cost of the program is

Sacramental preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation, begins in their 9th grade year. Teens wanting to prepare for the sacrament of
Confirmation will need to sign up for Life Teen. Sacrament preparation is a 1-year process for teens who attend catholic school and a 2 -year
process for teens who attend public school. Teens in the 2-year program will receive the sacraments in the 2nd year of preparation.

Teens wanting preparation for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and/or First Communion can compete the requirements through the Life
Teen Program.
Life Teen for Teens in 9th - 12 Grade
Director of Religious Education: Rosie Arismendez
Phone: (210)733-7152     Email: rosiearismendez.stpaul@gmail.com
Youth Director: Lisa Delgado
Phone: (210)844-2041     Email: stpaulyouthsa@gmail.com
Director of Religious Education: Rosie Arismendez
Phone: (210)733-7152     Email: rosiearismendez.stpaul@gmail.com